Thursday, January 17, 2008

2008: So far, so good

2008 is still moving along, and I like how it's going so far! Two interesting things to report so far...

I'm teaching the Introduction to Photoshop class at the School of Visual Concepts, my second class at SVC. We've only had one class so far; because of the MLK holiday, there won't be class next week, but the full five weeks will continue the week after. It's been fun so far; I really enjoyed teaching the Adobe Illustrator class last year, so I was really glad to go back for this one. I get a little nervous before the class starts, but once I get into the flow of it, it's a great experience.

The second, and really exciting thing for me: the advertising group at work has asked me to do a series of illustrations for some ads! This will be the first time my illustration work will be used for publication (except some pro bono work I did a while back). It's a great campaign, and will be featured in some national publications...I'm very, very happy to be part of it! Once a few of the ads come out, I'll post them here.

I hope the rest of the year goes this well!

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David Patterson said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog Sonya. I'll be posting new work..hopefully sooner then later!