Saturday, September 27, 2008

Twitter and the fast world

Ok, yes; I know I haven't been updating the blog much. But as I recently got an iPhone (and love it to pieces and want it surgically implanted into my flesh and would marry it in a crazy Borg ceremony) I have gotten kind of addicted to Twitter (see it up there?). It's quick, portable, and perfect for those with a very short attention span. And by short I mean under 140 characters. It's like chatting with the world, except the world doesn't really care. But that's ok, because as a whole, we make up the Twitterverse, and are a shallow but broad set of people with single sentences to declare.

Twitter is also an interesting way to follow current events, like the election. It's used by millions of everyday folks, by cats and dogs, and by B- and C- list celebs like Wil Wheaton, John Hodgman, and Penn Jillette. Even corporations use it: Starbucks and Home Depot, for example. I like it for getting breaking news, too, and even local info.

It's a trend, will probably be done when the next big thing comes out, but it's fun in the meantime, and fits in well with a culture that is about sound bites and texting. I imagine that in a few more years, we won't even have the capability to write in entire sentences, and novels will consist of a series of text messages delivered straight into your retinas. Fun!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is why they call it LABOR day

Three-day weekend. Day one...poke around, walk the dog, hang out, go to see Dark Knight at IMAX.

Day two. Morning. Looking at the old, hated grey carpet (that was born white, long ago). I wonder...

...what's under here? Hey...looks like wood. And it seems to be in pretty good shape.

Let's pull it up! Come on, guys!

This is looking pretty good...on to day three (and in the mean time, Brett is busily painting the trim around the new doors, and the carport supports).

Definitely an improvement over the carpet. We are surprised to find that while there are some flaws, the floor is actually pretty clean and unmarked.

The end result: worth the cramps in my hand from pulling one thousand carpet staples and a hundred million feet of tacking board.

Please, people of the future, should you read NOT put down carpet over wood floors. You're doing future generations a great disservice if you do.

But I'm really, really happy with the result. And I feel like I had a very productive long weekend. The trim looks great too.

Now...time to go to work.