Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is why they call it LABOR day

Three-day weekend. Day one...poke around, walk the dog, hang out, go to see Dark Knight at IMAX.

Day two. Morning. Looking at the old, hated grey carpet (that was born white, long ago). I wonder...

...what's under here? Hey...looks like wood. And it seems to be in pretty good shape.

Let's pull it up! Come on, guys!

This is looking pretty good...on to day three (and in the mean time, Brett is busily painting the trim around the new doors, and the carport supports).

Definitely an improvement over the carpet. We are surprised to find that while there are some flaws, the floor is actually pretty clean and unmarked.

The end result: worth the cramps in my hand from pulling one thousand carpet staples and a hundred million feet of tacking board.

Please, people of the future, should you read this...do NOT put down carpet over wood floors. You're doing future generations a great disservice if you do.

But I'm really, really happy with the result. And I feel like I had a very productive long weekend. The trim looks great too.

Now...time to go to work.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a difference!! Nice work there. :)

Kamera Kat said...

Sonya, So you are blogspotter too, eh? Cool. We seem to cross paths in this cyberland. That gorgeous floor was hidden under the carpet? Wow! Did you know that when you got the house or was it a total surprise? Sure looks great! My hubby and I replaced our carpet with wannabe-hardwood last year (because we were not lucky enough to have any hidden under our carpet) and we vowed we will never go back to carpet again. What a difference! Good job.