Sunday, December 2, 2007

Two more wood block prints, done

And that should be the end of them, for a while. They were fun to do, and I'm not unhappy with how they turned out (the colors here are very bright, unfortunately). But I'm looking forward to getting back to more leisurely projects. I started a pastel painting a week or so ago, and I'm anxious to get back to it:

And it should take a good long time, too,.

In the meantime, I may take a break from classes for a quarter. I've committed to teach Introduction to Photoshop at SVC, and may have a lead on teaching a class at the Art Institute...if I feel like I have the time. If not, I may take one class, possibly online.

And, it's almost Christmas, and sadly, I work every single day of the holiday season except
Christmas day and New Year's Day. At least I'll have weekends free of homework for a while.

Ah well. We did get some snow this weekend! It turned to cold, windy, wet slushiness today, but it was quite pretty for a while there. By the time I venture out again tomorrow morning, it'll probably be a full-bore crap-weather day and traffic will suck. But really, I can't complain; I don't have to spend any time out in it, except the 10-foot walk to my car.

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Anonymous said...

The wood blocks look nice.You've been doing some nice stuff!

Jeez, of course you would take up teaching AFTER I leave Seattle. LOL I'm little by little learning my software. I print up the manuls and get "for Dummies" books and just...tinker.

No snow here, but it gets really cold. The temps can be quite severe. 110 in Summer, 20 in Winter. Everyone's in ground sprinkler systems are shot. The pipes break from the temps.

We're just getting rain righ tnow. Lots of it. Actually our pool is in danger of overflowing. J is braving the cold and gonna set up a flush system using the polaris. Brrr. Poor guy, that water is cold.

Anyways, I see you switch again and now I can comment. I'll try and drop by more often.

ttyl, shellzart