Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa's been here!

This year for Christmas, we decided to forgo buying each other a lot of gifts, and instead got a few items for our home that we'd been wanting for years. Mainly, we wanted to get rid of our old bedroom furniture. The dressers and headboard we had were the ones my parents bought me when I was around 13 years old...that's some old furniture! It was sturdy but had gotten pretty beaten up. So we headed out to the furniture stores of South Puget Sound, and after some shopping, found a lovely craftsman-style set at Macy's. It was a little more than we wanted to spend, but so nice; we decided that we'd check one more store, then come back and get the set.

New bedroom furniture
That last store was Dania. We've bought a few things from them and always had a good experience. So when we walked in to the Tukwila Dania and saw the exact same bedroom set that we'd already fallen in love with at Macy's, but for hundreds less, we were thrilled! It was so much less that we decided to get a new dining room table, in a matching style, and still spent less than at Macy's!

New dining room table. With cats.

So we spent a few days re-organizing the rooms, and getting ready for New Year's. We're having a few people over, so I'm glad to have things clean and nice. We didn't get a tree this year; time just got away from us, with all of the other things going on, so we decorated our little ficus and strung a few lights at the last minute. Jupiter didn't seem too disappointed with the unconventional tree.

This year's tree is a little unconventional.

Today we'll go visit Brett's mom for a bit – I have to work tomorrow, so we can't stay late – and then, I have to admit, I'm going to be glad Xmas is over. I get very little time off around the holidays, so it's never the magical event I remember as a kid. But we do our best to make it special for each other; really, though, I think we do a pretty good job of making all our time together special.

Anyway, happy holidays and happy new year to all!


yusufyusuf said...

Nice blog...
Happy holidays...yflfgrqg

Anonymous said...

We bought all our office stuff at Dania, the one in Kirkland. Here they are called Scandanavian Designs. LOL We lucked out and got a desk and file cabinet to match our bookcases, now our office is complete. They had a dining set we liked but found something we liked better that was cheaper at Cost Plus. *nods* Love all those stores. Cost pLus, Pier One, Dania. Yeah, Macy's and other dept stores are almost always overpriced.We looked at JCPenney for sofa beds and almost fainted at the cost.

Cute tree, er I mean ficus. We had a Xmas or 2 where I hung lights and ornaments on the aluminum blinds and ent center. LOL Too poor for a tree. My mom gave us a Hallmark mini tree and used that a few years. This year and last, we got festive.At the LFP house, we had a 10ft tree last year. O.O J surprised me with it.

So, it sounds like you are going mission/craftsman with the house. Yep, I can see that working. We looked at a cute craftsman style house up in Placerville. I loved it but it was just too small. :-( I loved some of those style homes in Seattle that we looked at. Again, just too small.

Anyways, hope you can get some down time from work and have a nice New Year's get together. Hoping 2008 is a good one and goes a little slower than 2007...


Shell said...

hehehehe, I'm here again. actually got an acct and will be making my site and posting soon. :-)