Saturday, December 1, 2007

They speak French there

Oh boy...this is apparently some chick from American Idol, on a game show that purports to determine if she is smarter than a young child. Guess what - she's not.

I laughed a lot watching this, but afterwards, I felt really sad. What did we learn here?

1. If you're young and blonde and pretty, you get to be on TV! You don't have to be even as smart as a box of sausages, just cute.
2. According to the idiotic host, if she asks a question, yes, it is likely to be stupid.
3. Also according to the host, women aren't interested in anything but their own opinions. Not just her, mind you, but women in general. They only hear what they want. Apparently, this gal is fairly representative of all women.

This is why I can't stand to watch much of anything on TV any more. We really are approaching Idiocracy.

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