Saturday, February 9, 2008


Brett and I just got back from our precinct Democratic caucus, and we're very glad to have gone! It was a good experience; many people coming together to support the same party, even if they supported different candidates. I acted as secretary (no one else volunteered, and I figured I could sit and write), and both Brett and I volunteered to be alternate delegates.

It was nice to meet people in our neighborhood area, all for the first time, under these conditions. I feel like a part of something good, and a part of history, because I do believe we will be making history with this coming election.

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ShellzArt said...

It will be interesting to see who the final candidates are. A woman or a black man for president--both would be history making.

From what I hear, there is dissent in the Republican ranks between fiscal conservative and religious conservatives. The war us also devisive. (If not for his stand on Iraq, I could almost embrace McCain.) Hmmm. maybe it will work in the Dems favor this time.

Personally, I would like to see what Obama can do. Hillary has connections and experience but we've had father/son dynasties, do we really need a husband/wife dynasty?

I am ashamed to say I didn't vote in the primaries, I'm not registered here yet, I haven't gotten a Ca driver's license yet. *sigh*

Big cudos to you and Brett for getting involved.