Monday, November 12, 2007

Dutch Harbor, AK - isolated, pretty, a little strange...

So we're up in my immense frustration, I can't upload even the smallest JPG, even though I can connect fairly normally in other ways. Yesterday, when we came in, the sun was shining off the tops of the mountains, and it was just incredible. I took nearly a hundred photos before the sun set, and I can't upload any at all! Oh well.

There are eagles everywhere, just as promised; they sit on rooftops and craggy cliffs, glaring down at the human activities below as if planning a really gory new production of "The Birds." I walked up to a couple sitting on a dumpster and they could not have cared less that I was there. I backed down long before they even thought of turning a yellow eye on me.

We had a drink in the bar, and then dinner in the nicer (very expensive) restaurant here at the Grand Aleutian. I had yummy fresh crab, Brett had a steak with crab, and we shared a bottle of wine and a berry-with-vanilla-sauce cakelet dessert. Since we'd gotten up around 4 that morning to leave on our flight, we went to bed early, and slept well.

This morning, it's still pitch black at 8:30 am. The sun doesn't rise until 9 or so, and goes down around 5. As we walked out the hotel front door to grab some breakfast at the store next door, we held it open for a camera crew lugging in their gear: I can't imagine that it's anything other than the Deadliest Catch crew - who else would be filming up here?

Today, when the sun finally comes up, I want to walk around the area some more. It's raining a bit now, but who knows; it might get better. I have pretty weather-proof clothes, so I'm not afraid to go out in the cold, windy rain. And if not, I'll hang out here and read or something.

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