Thursday, June 18, 2009

Seattle-area food and beverage tweeters!

Hey there! For no particular reason, I've decided to make a list of the restaurants, beverage outlets, and other food-related Twitter accounts in the greater Seattle area. Why? Well, I love the way most of them use Twitter. They advertise happy hours, specials, sometimes promote themselves with coupons and other discounts; I just love food, and this is a fun way to get more out of Twitter. So here's that list. If you know others, please comment and I'll add them!

Salty's - Delish seafood
Tidbit Bistro - "where Madrid meets Napoli on Seattle's Capitol Hill"
Fado - Irish food and drink
Mobatta Crepes - Mmmm, crepes
Ivar's - You know who they are! A Seattle classic
Theo Chocolate - No lie: best chocolate in the world
Hale's Ales - awesome local brewery
Redhook - another great brewery
Normski Brewer - a guy who knows his beer
Cafe Rozella - White Center cafe with Twitter personality galore
Cupcake Royale - Tasty cakelettes
Monsoon East - Bellevue restaurant
Skillet - mobile food and damn good
Marination Mobile - a new mobile food truck with great promise
Takotruk - Eastlake street food
Wines of WA - speaks for itself. We have some great wines!
NW Wine Show - More local wines
Bricks of Wine - local wine blogger
Schultzy's - love their fries and great beer selection
Seattle Food Tours - food tours of Seattle? Yes, please!
Food Writer - local food blogger
The Food Life - local food blogger
Frantic Foodie - another local food blogger
Sweets Blog - Local sweets-specific blogger
Accidental Kate - "Food and travel diva"
Johnny Spuds - just opened in Montlake Terrace
Delancey Seattle - "A soon to open Wood-Fired Pizza Restaurant"
TOP Foods - Well, a grocery store, but they sell food!
PNW Cheese - Cheese. Is there a better food?
Blue Moon Burgers - Burger joint in Fremont and South Lake Union
Herb Guy - Proprietor of the famous Herbfarm restaurant
Maria Hines - Award-winning Chef at Tilth
Zeek's Pizza - You'll have seen them around town!
Elliott Bay Beer - Local brewmasters
Fresh Bistro - West Seattle restaurant
Skylark Cafe - Food, bevs and music in W. Seattle
Blue C Sushi - Local sushi chain
Hsiao Ching - Food blogger
Circle Alehouse - Grill and alehouse in W. Seattle
Tillamook Cheese - Oregon cheesery
Trader Joe's - The store with it all
Brouwer's Cafe - Best beer selection in town
97 Bottles - Beer, beer, beer!
Foodista - Local cooking encyclopedia site
Hotwire Coffee - One of our local coffeehouses
Boomnoodle - Noodle-y Japanese cuisine
KuKuRuZa Popcorn - Gourmet popcorn
Feelin Feasty - Restaurant & Bar news in Seattle
Isernio's Sausage - Northwest sausage maker

Edited to add more (and big thanks to Convergence Zone and others for the help!).

That's what I know! Got more? Let me know! And me: I'm @sonya on Twitter. (P.S. That's me with Skillet food in the pic. YUM.)


Convergence Zone said...

Here are a few more gustatory twitterers:

Ingrid said...

Great list! How about iserniosausage - (that's us!)

franticfoodie said...

wow what a list... you rock