Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A new venture...cards.

Well, here's something new I've gotten myself into.

I was talking to a friend about his wonderful photography, and telling him that I though his images would sell really well as cards. They're cool and dark and kind of gothic; I know there's a market out there for that sort of thing.

So I said I'd do a little research and look into ways people have cards printed and sell them online. This led me to a nice little site, Redbubble.com, which does both; lets you upload images for cards, prints, etc., and lets you sell them through the site. The site does all the work of printing and mailing; all you have to do is supply the art.

So I had to try it. I had actually always had the project in the back of my head, for some future time, so last weekend I set things up, and here is my little greeting card site. The art is all my original work, mostly either pastels or drawings in walnut ink, composited with old bits of paper and ephemera just to make it interesting.

I know I'm not going to get rich from this endeavor, but it's certainly fun, and fills some of my free time (which is crazy, because I already have enough to fill my free time!). But hey, I'm doing it anyway. Take a look, and if you have any feedback as to what you might like to see in that sort of format, please let me know! I plan to add many more card designs soon; mostly subtle, antique-y things like the ones already on there. What do you think?

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