Friday, February 20, 2009

Logo designs for ShoreDog

I've been spending some time this week on creating a logo for; it's our local dog-park group. They're just getting started, but they've already done some amazing stuff, and we now have two off-leash dog parks in the works! I'm excited to be helping them out (and Mina's excited that there will finally be dog parks here in Shoreline).

I've put together a small presentation with my initial ideas for their logo. Since I haven't done any logo work for years, I'd love any feedback that folks might have; there's a 4-page PDF here with the ideas I've presented.

Below are the JPGs of each page, but I know Blogger resizes JPGs and the quality suffers. Still, they'll give a fairly good idea of what's on each page. If you have a moment to take a look and leave me a comment on which you like, or what I could do better, I'd be much obliged!

1 comment:

Luminata said...

Nice designs. I like the one on the bottom left the best! :)