Sunday, December 14, 2008

The crazy thing we did

Oh, yeah; this happened too.

Bernard, my co-blogger over at the Ronald Bog Blog, convinced me that we should sign up for the local Top Foods charity sing-a-thon.


In public.

This is something I would never do. But somehow, it sounded like fun, so I called a couple of friends, and we met up at 3:00 on Saturday to practice our singing, which was scheduled for 5:00 that same evening. Bear in mind, now, that many of us had never met one another before. And factoring in drinking time (how else did you think I was going to do this?) we had less than 2 hours to practice singing together.

We had a songlist that we all put together; a few holiday songs, but also a lot of just fun-to-sing stuff. Joy to the World by Three Dog Night, for example, and Hey Jude, and Horse with No Name, that sort of thing. So we practiced for a bit, drank a bit, and headed over to the store to take our chances.

It was GREAT. We had so much fun. Somehow, even though we were shaky at home, something about being there together in a mostly quiet grocery store on a snowy Saturday night just...worked. Well, it felt like it did, even though I'm sure some of the shoppers that passed us wondered who could have possibly allowed this travesty. But we had fun, and at the end of the hour, after a rousing rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody (very fun to sing in a group, as you can imagine) we all wanted to just keep singing!

We even got a few of the store employees to join in; you can see one of them in the photo above, in his Top Foods cap and tie. That guy was great, belting it out like he'd been waiting his whole life for that particular unlikely moment that we showed up and started singing King of the Road.

So, the moral is, I guess...give it a try. Whatever it is. How bad could it be?

More pix here, for the curious:
Shoreline Bloggers Invade Top Foods

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terpnurse said...

That was such a blast! Thanks for inviting us!